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As a professor at XX Technical University and a teacher in the Department of Accounting, College of Business Administration, I have known my favorite student X  for three years. In the classes I taught, her outstanding performance left a deep impression on me. Therefore, I believe she is a very competitive candidate to apply for your programme.

I met X in the fall semester of 20XX, when I was the teacher of her academic course Intermediate Financial Accounting 1. Her class performance was very positive. Compared with other students, she had more classroom interaction with me and often asked some in-depth professional questions. From this point, she could frequently add a lot of ideas and rational thinking to her usual learning process. After class, the department provided an APP for students to review and consolidate their theoretical knowledge of the course. She was always the one who completed the tasks the fastest, and who came to me in time to sort out the problems that she didn’t understand well. In the following years, she was also my student of two other academic courses, Intermediate Financial Accounting 2 and Accounting Information System. In the three classes I taught, she scored high scores of 95, 94 and 98 respectively. Her efforts have earned her the top ranking in the three professional courses.

In addition to the academic performance, X also actively participated in other competitions in the school, trying to integrate professional knowledge into practical life. When she participated in the sand table simulation business competition, she invited me to give some guidance to her. This competition required students to simulate a comprehensive business management strategy within four to six years in a short period of two days, which was difficult for current undergraduate students. As the financial controller of the team, X used the knowledge gained in the course Accounting Information System to make revenue and cost budgets for each of the projected options, and to adjust the program according to changes in the market environment. Based on these programs and her expertise, she also simulated the daily accounting work of the company and made the financial statements of the company. During the competition, I was amazed at her level of mastery and ability to learn. At the same time, her good cooperation with other team members also made me see her potential as a good financial practitioner.

As can be seen from the above details, X is a student with strong learning ability and has good reserve of professional knowledge. Therefore, I sincerely recommend X to your programme. I believe her hard work and good judgment can help her achieve outstanding results in her studies and practice, and that her qualities can be well adapted to her further postgraduate study.



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